28 Best Food Apps for Foodies and Travelers


Food apps can be quite handy, especially when you are traveling. They make it easier to explore the local food scene or quickly find the best place to eat that suits your preferences and budget. With so many food apps to choose from, we rounded up some of the best for foodies and travelers.

1. Bar Roulette
Download for: iOS
What it does: Bar Roulette works pretty much like Russian roulette. If you want to go bar hopping or just want to find the best place to enjoy a good drink near you, this app will help you find one or more.

2. Best Coffee
Download for: Android and iOS
Nee your caffeine fix? Best Coffee provides you with information and maps of independent coffee shops in cities like London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and more. You can also find other details like WiFi availability and brewing methods among others.

3. Chefs Feed
Download for: Android and iOS
Want to find the best dishes in town? You might want to check out Chefs Feed for that. This app is a gem for the delicious recommendations by some of the country’s renowned chefs. Get insider tips from pros on the best local eats in 16 cities across the globe.

4. EatWith
Download for: iOS
EatWith connects hosts and travelers. It allows you to explore communal tables from around the world. Users can either host or join a host’s table in over 200 cities worldwide.

5. Farmstand
Download for: iOS
Farmstand makes finding fresh food easier wherever you are. It provides you with information on over 8,000 local farmers’ markets from round the world. This app is great for anyone who wants to stick to healthy eating habits while on the road or want to have a more immersive experience with the food culture and locally-grown food in the area.

6. Feastly
Access at:
Feastly connects you with top chefs for an immersive gastronomic experience. From home-cooked dinners by local hosts to delicious eats at small diners or cooking events hosted by local chefs, you can have your choice of food experiences with pros.

7. Foodspotting
Download for: Android and iOS
Want to know where you can find the best version of the local dish you want to try? Foodspotting is your go-to-app for that. Check out the tons of information available at your fingertips to find recommended dishes as well as the places to enjoy them.

8. Fork It by Kitchenbowl
Download for: iOS
Fork It makes cooking your own meals more fun. If you are staying in a place furnished with a working kitchen then this is a great app to help you cook a hearty meal. Whether you are traveling or not, Fork It will change the way you view and experience cooking.

9. Grubhub
Download for: Android and iOS
Grubhub is a food delivery and take out app that makes finding food faster and easier. So if you are not in the mood to go out for a meal, just order from one of the options available through the app and have it delivered in your room.

10. HappyCow
Download for: Android and iOS
Finding great vegetarian eats when you are constantly on the go can be tough at times. HappyCow makes looking for vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants much easier. It offers restaurant guides to over 150 countries.

11. HealthyOut
Download for: Android and iOS
As the name suggests, HealthyOut helps you find healthy meals near you. It is designed to offer healthy restaurant nutrition guides and is embedded with various filters that allow you to choose from a wide selection of nutritious eats like vegetarian or paleo dishes.

12. ipiit
Download for: Android and iOS
Ipiit is touted as “The Food Ambassador” which serves as your guide to the myriad of food products to choose from. It is especially helpful for people dealing with food issues like allergies and intolerances. The app is equipped with a scanner for barcodes to help you get more information on ingredients as well as nutritional content so you can make informed food choices.

13. iExit
Download for: Android and iOS
iExit is a great app for roadtrippers who want to find the nearest pitstop. It is an interestate exit guide that offers information on various food options available on your next or succeeding exits. It helps you plan where and what to eat and even include features that allow you to search for gas and accommodation options.

14. LocalEats
Download for: Android and iOS
LocalEats simplifies the process of searching for great eats in unfamiliar places. It filters through a wealth of information curated from local sites and reviews to bring you a selection of highly recommended restaurants and dishes near you.

15. Meal Sharing
Access at:
With Meal Sharing, you can discover and enjoy home cooked meals in more than 150 countries across the globe. It connects you with local hosts for an authentic local dining experience.

16. MyFitnessPal
Download for: Android and iOS
MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter and diet tracker app for people who want to maintain a healthy diet wherever they go. It features a database with nutritional information on millions of food products.

17. NoWait
Download for: Android and iOS
Forget waiting in long lines for your table. The NoWait app allows you to add yourself on the waitlist and eliminate the need to stand in lines throughout the time. You can browse through a wide selection of restaurants, check wait times, calculate your travel time to the location, and add your name to the waitlist in the restaurant of your choice.

18. Off the Menu
Download for: Android and iOS
Off the Menu helps you discover food that you will not likely find listed the menu. It is essentially an app that reveals secret menus and allows you to enjoy little-known food items.

19. Open Table
Download for: Android and iOS
Open Table is a restaurant reservation app that helps you book a table at your favorite restaurants easily.

20. Pearl
Download for: iOS
Pearl helps you find restaurants serving oysters and other seafood near you. It is a handy tool for anyone looking for dining options that offer the best oysters and seafood items on the menu. The app also provides information like oyster types and more.

21. Roaming Hunger
Download for: Android and iOS
Hunting for food trucks just became easier with Roaming Hunger. This app provides you with information on where to find your favorite food trucks across Canada and the U.S.

22. Savored
Download for: Android and iOS
Get the best last-minute dining deals and discounts on some of the best restaurants in the U.S.

23. Starbucks App
Download for: Android, iOS, and Windows 10
The Starbucks app is for Starbucks coffee addicts and coffee lovers who want to get their fix of coffee from any of the chain’s store around the world. The app makes it easier to order and pay for your favorite drinks and allows for free refills or drinks.

24. Table8
Download for: Android and iOS
Get sought-after restaurant reservations and dining recommendations. Whether you are at home or in an unfamiliar city, you can book reservations on popular restaurants and the best dining options available.

25. Untappd
Download for: Android, iOS, and BlackBerry
Looking for the best local brews? Untappd is a beer-lover’s gem giving you access to a wealth of information like locations of bars near you and the best brews to try.

26. Urbanspoon
Download for: Android and iOS
Urbanspoon gives you acces to restaurant and food reviews. It helps you find delicious eats and the best restaurants to enjoy them.

27. Wine N Dine
Download for: Android and iOS
Wine N Dine is your go-to app for finding must-try and delicious foods whereever your travels take you. It helps you choose from the best dishes and restaurants near you.

28. Yelp
Download for: Android and iOS
With over 40 million reviews available, Yelp helps you find the best spots for delectable eats. It brings an extensive list of restaurant reviews right at your fingertips making it easier to make informed choices when picking the best place to eat wherever you are.

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