Cheap Yet Tasty Foods You Can Find Around the World

Tasty Taco

Enjoyable foods can be found on all the corners of the world! Food is often one of the main reason why we travel in different areas. But what if you’re on a tight budget? Can you still enjoy your food trip?

Don’t worry, we’ll offer you some cheap yet tasty food you can found around the world! Let’s proceed and go ahead.

Doner Kebab

This scrumptious food was originated in Turkey. But due to its popularity, finding it will be a lot easier today.

So, what is it? It’s a seasoned meat. This includes beef, chicken, and lamb. After being cooked slowly, it’s then served on top of a rice or along with a pita to boost its juicy taste! Also, it’s very cheap! You can get it for one dollar but it varies by country.


Tacos came from Mexico. One of the most popular foods in Mexico and around the world. Maybe their best invention ever.

There are some western restaurants that serve taco too. But the tastiest taco can only be found in Mexico! It is a wheat-based or corn tortilla which is usually filled with meat, fish, and vegetables. Tacos are often topped with avocado, salsa, and the well-known guacamole!

You can get this enjoyable comfort food for about one to three dollars.


Mmmm! Super Yummy!

This mouthwatering food can be found anywhere in Japan.

It’s a batter filled with finely chopped octopus, green onion, shrimps, and more! Once fried to perfection, it’s often topped with mayonnaise, seaweed, takoyaki sauce to enhance its rich flavor! The price won’t disappoint you. You can buy it for three to five dollars depending on the area


There you go, foodies! If you are on a short budget, then worry no more. These foods can help you feel full and satisfied. Also, you’ll save more money and balance your budget by trying these affordable yet tasty foods.

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