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Can a Restaurant’s Wall Color Affect Your Appetite?

Most restaurants, if not all, would want you to enjoy your time and order meals as many as you can. A restaurant’s extensive menu, service, reviews, and price of meals undoubtedly affects your view of the entire restaurant. But does the interior design, specifically the color of the walls, affect your appetite and eating habit?
The answer is…
Take for example light colors such as cream or white. Lightly-colored walls make the whole place pleasing to the eyes of the customers because these colors make the room appear bigger, therefore making you feel relaxed. These colors tell you to feel safe and be yourself as if you’re at home. And of course, if that’s the case, you’ll eat the way you usually do. That means if you’re like a monster when you eat at home, you’ll most like tone down just a tad if you’re in a restaurant with light colored walls.

White walled restaurant
I’m sure you’re familiar with McDonald’s. What is the color of its logo? That’s right. Yellow. The color is almost in every corner of the restaurant and there’s an explanation behind it. Yellow is considered a troubling color that makes you want to leave the place immediately. This is why fast food restaurants incorporate yellow because they want their customers to eat fast and leave as soon as they’re done. More customers mean more money for them, after all. And they need numerous customers to be on a par with other restaurants because of their cheap meals. A combination of red and yellow, like in McDonald’s, gives off an energetic feeling, making most customers feel they have to hurry.

McDonald's Golden Arches
On the other hand, restaurants with green walls are often connected to healthy living and nature. Green makes people relaxed and feel fresh and healthy. When combined with earth tones, it makes the atmosphere cozy. If you’re in a green-walled restaurant, you’ll probably keep ordering. That’s the power of that color.
If you don’t want to eat a lot, you should probably go visit a restaurant with blue or violet walls. These colors decrease your appetite and make you feel you’re not hungry. Although blue-colored drinks are famous for offering relaxation, it’s not applicable for walls.
Lastly, reds and earth tones are the considered perfect for fine dining restaurants because it creates an intimate atmosphere and makes the room appear larger. However, too much red in a restaurant can be annoying like yellow.

Red restaurant
When all is said and done, it’s best to check out Painting Properly before restaurant owners start buying materials and painting their walls because having quality equipment combined with the right execution will guarantee success. Moreover, aside from the color, the smell of fresh paint can also affect the customers’ appetite. Although fresh paint can help your home sell, it can’t help you sell food since it’ll mix up with the supposedly appetizing aroma of the meals.


Tools You Need for Your New Restaurant

Perhaps you were inspired by the restaurants you’ve visited, and you’ve decided to build a restaurant under your management. What equipment should you have then? This article will give you the most basic tools you need to start off. Ready? Let’s begin!


Restaurant kitchen 2012

Of course, you need a place to prep your meals! This is not debatable at all. Wherever your restaurant is located, whether it’s in your lot or in rented space, you will need a private area for your kitchen. Depending on how your personal preference and the needs of your customers, you can modify the kitchen. You should have a budget between $30,000 to $70,000 for your kitchen. Remember, purchase the most affordable yet quality equipment only. For your kitchen, you’ll need sinks, a portion scale, a food cutter, a fryer, stoves, an oven, a wire whisk, a blender, a meat grinder, bins and tables, a broiler, a steamer, a refrigerator, and a freezer. Tongs, spoons, pans, spatulas, ladles, can openers, etc. should also be bought. You might even need ice crushers and a drink-dispensing system.



Invest in unique yet sophisticated-looking furniture for your restaurant. In fact, it’s best if you DIY everything with your crew! Everything is now possible and easy especially if you have the most fantastic saws, the best cordless framing nailer, and the right welding machine! Not only will your furniture be distinct, making the furniture with your crew will allow you to bond more and begin a family-like relationship. Besides, sometimes hiring handymen leads to regrettable events.

Plates, spoon, forkTableware

Your restaurant will need dishes, glasses, spoons, forks, knives, soup spoons, and even iced tea spoons. Salt, pepper, and sugar containers are necessary for every table as well. Napkins should also be present. I recommend you order in bulk to save money and time. Don’t forget to purchase table cloths as well.

Cleaning Supplies

To keep your restaurant tidy, you’ll need garbage cans, a mop with a bucket, a broom paired with a dustpan, and a vacuum cleaner.


When you and your staff wear uniforms, the restaurant will appear more professional. You also need to supply your workers with chef hats, aprons, hairnets, etc., especially if they work in the kitchen. The color and the style will depend on you but be sure to include the logo in the design.


Food & Drink Establishments You Should Always Check Out When Travelling


Travelling is not just about seeing places you’ve only seen from pictures. Travelling is also not just about experiencing things you’ve only heard from relatives.

It’s about seeing the rich history of a place up close. It’s also about experiencing the vibrant culture of a place in person. Most of all, it’s about trying out for yourself what signifies a place as a whole – a representation that usually comes in the form of gourmet dishes or street foods, as well as a symbol that also usually comes in the form of fresh drinks and classic beverages.

That being said, here are the food and drink establishments you should always check out when travelling:


We all know how bread can keep us healthy with its micronutrient properties. We also know how bread can keep us fit with its wholegrain properties. So, why not check out bakeries when travelling? Depending on where you’re currently at, bread can help you enjoy your trip more – thanks to its energy-boosting characteristic for you to roam around the place without getting exhausted easily, as well as its immune-boosting characteristic for you to go around the place without getting injured easily.

Bonus Tips: If you’re on a budget, however, why not check out bakeries before travelling? This means canvassing on any bread that you can munch on while on the road. Or better yet, why not check out bakery ingredients before travelling? This means making your own bread that you can munch on while on the road (via those bread machines found on


We all know how beer can keep us healthy with its immunity properties. We also know how wine can keep us fit with its antioxidant properties. So, why not check out distilleries when travelling? The most popular ones include those located in Scotland, the United States of America, and in Japan – all of which are considered today’s leaders in beer-making and wine-making. Even more so, you get to taste for yourself the greatness of distilleries – fresh from production and ready to conquer the world.

Bonus Ideas: When in Scotland, make sure to try out their whisky specialty at the Lagavulin Distillery in the Isle of Islay. When in the United States of America, also make sure to try out their bourbon specialty at the Koval Distillery in Chicago. When in Japan, make sure to try out their sake specialty at the Ide Sake Brewery in Yamanashi Prefecture.


Making Your Dining Experience Unique


Be it you’re dining at home with your family or dining in a park with your friends, you can always make your dining experience unique. This is not just for you to fully enjoy your meal course, but also fully enjoy your spent time.

Here are some ideas for you:


Do you know what’s unique about birdwatching? It’s the fact that you get to see birds up close even from a distance. It’s also the fact that you get to see nature up close even from a distance. Even more so, you get to see how wonderful God’s creations are as you witness how birds fly up high spontaneously or fly down gracefully, as well as how birds migrate from north to south and how birds are when they mate with the opposite sex. You just need to have a spotting scope, which you can look into this optical equipment online website.


Whether you’re planning to see the shining rays of the sun as the dawn breaks or as the dusk arrives, you can always witness this while dining with your family or with your friends. And if you’re wondering what you’ll get from sunwatching, just imagine these scenarios: how soothing it is to see the first rays of the sun appear over the horizon in a yellow-orange color or even red-orange color and how stunning it is to see the last rays of the sun disappear over the horizon to make way for the bright stars under the night sky.

BONUS: Fishing

Making your dining experience unique is not just limited to seeing things. It also involves experiencing things, just like fishing. You can either go fishing with your family in a private fishing spot down by the river or go fishing with your friends in a popular spot found in a resort. Regardless, you will not only experience catching the fish you’re eyeing to have, but also experience cooking the fish you’re meant to have – grilling it on the spot and eating it on the spot, even.


And no, it doesn’t mean online games where you don’t usually get to have an eye-to-eye conversation with the person you’re talking to. But yes, it means board games where you just don’t get to have an eye-to-eye conversation with the person you’re talking to, but also get to have a play-by-play interaction with the people around you. A tip? Have a game night once a week and make your dining experience not only unique, but also something to really look forward to.


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