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5 of the Most Expensive Foods in the World

Would you pay a million dollars for one single dish? We would probably give it a go if we have money to burn. You might be wondering if there is actually a cuisine that would be worth that much. Surprisingly, there were more than we initially expected. Here are just some of them:

1. Strawberries Arnaud ($3.95 million)

The Strawberries Arnaud dessert costs a whopping $3.95 million. But there is more to that price than a delicious dessert. It was actually a part of Arnaud’s proposal package. It came with a pink diamond ring. High rollers take note. If you are looking for proposal ideas then this just might do the trick.

2. Fleur Burger 5000 ($5,000)

The city where high-rollers flock has the perfect treat for gourmands who do not mind shelling out the big bucks for a scrumptious bite. The Fleur Burger 5000 is made using the famous wagyu beef. And if that is not enough to make your mouth water then imagine the foie gras and truffles adding more flavors to that magical concoction as well as a fine bottle of wine that go with it.

3. Pizza Royale 007 ($4,200)

What would a $4,000+ pizza look like? Think caviar bathe in expensive champagne, Cognac-infused lobster, and smoked salmon that we could only wonder about. Chef Domenico Crolla pulled all the stops when he prepared this pizza. Because all the goodness did not end with those ingredients we already mentioned. He further topped this one-of-a-kind pizza with 24-karat gold flakes.

4. Golden Opulence Sundae ( $1,000)

Serendipity 3 in New York did not mince words when they named this dessert. It landed on the Guinness World Records as the priciest sundae. We imagine that nothing probably even comes close. This opulent concoction was created using ingredients like Tahitian vanilla ice cream, some vanilla beans from Madagascar, hard to find chocolates that we could only dream about and 23-karat gold leaf that you can eat. It is also served in the finest cup and scooped using a spoon gilded in 18-karat gold.

5. Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata ($1,000)

The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata is another one of the most expensive dishes found in New York. This offering is the brainchild of Norma’s, a high-end breakfast and brunch place. This pricey frittata is made with eggs, lobster meat, and capped with Sevruga caviar.


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