Can a Restaurant’s Wall Color Affect Your Appetite?

Red restaurant

Most restaurants, if not all, would want you to enjoy your time and order meals as many as you can. A restaurant’s extensive menu, service, reviews, and price of meals undoubtedly affects your view of the entire restaurant. But does the interior design, specifically the color of the walls, affect your appetite and eating habit?
The answer is…
Take for example light colors such as cream or white. Lightly-colored walls make the whole place pleasing to the eyes of the customers because these colors make the room appear bigger, therefore making you feel relaxed. These colors tell you to feel safe and be yourself as if you’re at home. And of course, if that’s the case, you’ll eat the way you usually do. That means if you’re like a monster when you eat at home, you’ll most like tone down just a tad if you’re in a restaurant with light colored walls.

White walled restaurant
I’m sure you’re familiar with McDonald’s. What is the color of its logo? That’s right. Yellow. The color is almost in every corner of the restaurant and there’s an explanation behind it. Yellow is considered a troubling color that makes you want to leave the place immediately. This is why fast food restaurants incorporate yellow because they want their customers to eat fast and leave as soon as they’re done. More customers mean more money for them, after all. And they need numerous customers to be on a par with other restaurants because of their cheap meals. A combination of red and yellow, like in McDonald’s, gives off an energetic feeling, making most customers feel they have to hurry.

McDonald's Golden Arches
On the other hand, restaurants with green walls are often connected to healthy living and nature. Green makes people relaxed and feel fresh and healthy. When combined with earth tones, it makes the atmosphere cozy. If you’re in a green-walled restaurant, you’ll probably keep ordering. That’s the power of that color.
If you don’t want to eat a lot, you should probably go visit a restaurant with blue or violet walls. These colors decrease your appetite and make you feel you’re not hungry. Although blue-colored drinks are famous for offering relaxation, it’s not applicable for walls.
Lastly, reds and earth tones are the considered perfect for fine dining restaurants because it creates an intimate atmosphere and makes the room appear larger. However, too much red in a restaurant can be annoying like yellow.

Red restaurant
When all is said and done, it’s best to check out Painting Properly before restaurant owners start buying materials and painting their walls because having quality equipment combined with the right execution will guarantee success. Moreover, aside from the color, the smell of fresh paint can also affect the customers’ appetite. Although fresh paint can help your home sell, it can’t help you sell food since it’ll mix up with the supposedly appetizing aroma of the meals.

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